Binding Speed:1Bundle/2 Seconds
Binding Paper Roll Size:200mm (W) ×160mm (L)
Power Consumption :50 watts
Power Source: AC 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Net Weight : 6.5 Kgs.

Features & Functions

  • To be with large LCD display
  • To be switchable between English display.
  • To bind the bills directly, no need time to warm up (instant heating).
  • To be bound by the special paper roll with glue (single binding).
  • To be adjustable of the binding tense.
  • To be adjustable of the binding place ranging 10-83mm.
  • To show the total binding times.
  • To be with the transparent cover, this is convenient for checking the binding paper situation.
  • To be with no- paper checking function, avoiding the repeated paper in and paper lock situation.
  • To check the machine it-self automatically.

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